As a Christian, do you Know your Family History?

When it comes to family and the history of the family it’s pretty safe to say that many families today have done a family tree.

If you’ve never done a family tree it’s pretty cool and neat it’s full of information that you probably won’t get from your immediate family. But there is another family history I want to share with you. It’s the history of the bible. For many of us when we read the bible we don’t go back in history to see who’s married to who or who’s related to who.

family tree

How many times have you read something and you ask yourself, “well how did that happen?” for example Hebrews chapter 11 is the faith chapter it’s known as the Hall of Faith, we read it and if a person has not gone back into history they would never known why they are even in the hall of faith or why God called them faithful.

As Christians we have a history we need to know where and when did we come into this Salvation plan. Many of us don’t even know that God’s design for Salvation was for the Jews, not the Gentiles.  Later down in history we see that because the Jews has made their minds up that they was not going to be obedient to God, God said that he will have salvation for the Gentiles which is us.

Did you know that the Jews considered the Gentiles to be “DOGS” that’s right? remember the story of the woman who came to Jesus and said I know you came for the Jews but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table? This Gentile woman knew God’s Son was not for her but she wanted life with God and to her it didn’t matter what she had to do to get it she was willing to take the crumbs, which is pure left overs for a dog to eat.

As Christians we really need to know our history, many saints don’t even know the lineage of  Christ. I always tells people who  are reading the New Testament you will never truly understand it fully until you go back and read the Old Testament, why? Because they go hand in hand.  Jesus, Peter and Paul both speaks about certain things in the Old Testament. Daniel and Ezekiel speaks about the New Testament and yet they are both in the Old Testament.

We can’t afford to miss out on knowing about our family history as Christians. We as children of God will always have questions and the only way we are going to get them answered is to read the entire bible, AMEN

Have a blessed Friday and Great Weekend. I will see you all on Monday.


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