When it doesn’t add UP!

James 1:12 says” Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

What do you do when you’ve tried your best to live your life according to the word of God? At every step you take you feel as though you are being dragged back two steps. What do you do when you see more opposition in front of you then blessings? Do you wonder if your even on the right path?

mans heart

How many times have you found yourself thinking to yourself saying well I’ve done this because the word says so, I didn’t act ugly today I didn’t loose my temper when I was tempted.

But yet I am doing my very best to live at peace with every man to the best of my ability as the word says and yet the more I do what is right the more opposition I face?

You ask yourself this over and over and still you have no answer. It’s because sometimes God wants to see wants if you “TRUST” HIM! Believe me I’ve found myself in this situation.

Yes, you know who you are in God, but there are some areas in our lives that you and I haven’t really trusted God with. When you and I don’t give God control over those things in our lives, life itself will cause you and I to deal with it. You can fight it all you want, you can pretend that’s it’s not there, all you want, but one day you will have to come face to face with it and it will either kill you or deliver you; you make the call.

Jeremiah is an example of faithfulness to the message of God in the face of opposition and indifference and still he remain faithful in the face of opposition. He endured treats, hostility his own family and friends rejected him they threw him in prison and threw him in a well taken to Egypt against his own will, and yet he remained faithful to GOD!


2 thoughts on “When it doesn’t add UP!

  1. Oh, often it’s so very hard not to ask, “Why?” I’ve just endured a recent trial, prayed and trusted Him. All worked out in good favor, with blessings coming coming my way that are totally unrelated. I wonder….but do not ask questions. Rather I thank God for all that I have together with the wisdom that He gave to me. Thank you for a beautiful post.

    1. You are welcome sis. In my heart I don’t think God minds us asking “Why” even in scriptures we see people asking why/ As long as we trust in Him, he is going to work it out for our good. And I am happy to hear that everything worked out for you sis. Have a blessed day

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