Marriage is a MINISTRY

Not everyone is called to Marriage, for Marriage is a Ministry and if you are not ready to do ministry then Marriage is not for you. Every marriage has personalities and I would like to clear up some misconceived ideas as to why we get so upset with our spouses personalities. I assure you this, you will be shocked as to what I will be sharing, because the personalities that you find to be a bothersome starts with you.

Love Langauage

Marriage can never be about you, it has to be for the glory of GOD. This is why we have so many people entering into marriage having no idea as to what marriage is about. Then we end up having these dead marriages all because we enter marriage without knowing that marriage is a ministry.

Every person who enters marriage must take it seriously otherwise you end up having that person’s life in disarray all because you wanted to be married because you felt alone, or we want to be complete.

Honey, let me tell you this: if you aren’t complete within yourself you won’t be complete with your mate, for your will look to that mate to fill a void that they  can “NEVER” fill. The only reason those little things bothers us is because we recognize ourselves in our spouse. And until you get delivered within yourself it will always be a bothersome.

Marriage is not easy, it’s not perfect, but each person has his and her part to do in the marriage. The question becomes are you willing to build upon your marriage? Or are you willing to let these bothersome destroy your marriage?

The choice is “YOURS


3 thoughts on “Marriage is a MINISTRY

  1. There was one point that I thought was good, that point was about the expectation of another that could fill the void within. However, I could not see that as consistent with my idea of a ministry. To me a ministry attempts to convince people to do what the minister wishes, not what the people need. If I remove this concept and focus on what you said about “self” then I think you are on a good track to helping relationships.

    I think we can take the lessons of the Dog Whisper in regard to fixing the dog owners rather than the dog as an example. What I mean is always fix yourself and do not attempt to fix your spouse. Remove all expectations and love without conditions, love will always succeed.

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