Peers! There watching “YOU”

There are times when we think no one is watching us. So we go around just as normal doing what we want and acting anyway we want.

PeersBut have you given any thought that there is someone who is watching you? People watch you not to be nosy but they watch you to see who are you! The lady in your office, she is forever watching. They are forever coming around your desk looking over your shoulder.

They do this because they know that there is something different about you and they just can’t seem to put their finger on it. They’ve seen challenges come your way and yet you remain unmovable! To them this is not normal behavior so they can’t understand why you are not sweating like they are.

When your peers are watching you what will they see? Will they see you unmovable or will they see you act out of character? Chose this day what your peers will see in you! See it’s not them being nosy it’s them wanting to know what keeps you!


2 thoughts on “Peers! There watching “YOU”

  1. I’ve missed you. I love this “They’re watching you” piece. It’s very true. Going to share it with friends.

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