Word Today: I AM THE WAY

In life we will do our best to find all sorts of ways to avoid things we don’t want to do, don’t we? We try to avoid people, chores, challenges and even decision-making. And if we ignore it long enough we think we gotten away with it.

Jesus is the WAY

When it comes to religion people want to avoid God’s Law so they go through man’s religion. You can’t go through Buddha, you can’t go through Allah you can’t even go through this New Age Religion or The Roman Pope. The only way for man to come to God is through His Son Jesus Christ.

And yet we have people who are searching for something bigger them themselves, and after all their searching they still find themselves empty. Reason being is because they have avoided Christ.

You must not know this, but you was created by God Himself, which means your spirit body is crying out for Salvation and you don’t even know it. Your thinking that the world is going to bring you fulfillment, when it fact it’s not. Your spirit is crying to be connected with the Creator. Just like the earth is birthing for Jesus to come back and set creation back.


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