On this Sunday morning, before I head out the door with my husband to church I wanted to post this devotion to you. As we all know from reading the newspaper and watching television, there has been another case of the Ebola.  The most recent case is the story behind the man who lives in Texas, and the people who he many have infected. Now without me going into all those details I do want to share something to encourage you.

being in a rut

God is still in-control and I know for some we may question God as to why? But I am here to say that God is in control. And the sooner you and I as believers settle this in our hearts we will not be worried about this Ebola or anything else that is evil coming this way.

When I read this story in the paper the first thing The Lord Spoke to me in my spirit was I am in control. It’s okay for us to be concerned if we wasn’t we wouldn’t be human, but the Lord does not want us to be consumed with being concerned for the moment we allow ourselves to be overly concerned fear will enter into our hearts. And then we will be what I call “walking panic believers.”

There are things that each American can do to protect them and their families. The first thing is preventative, which means educate yourself and your family. Fear brings panic to any given situation why, because when we don’t educate yourself out of fear then we assume the worst. As with any disease know the facts once you know the facts don’t walk in fear. Just like when HIV and AIDS came out people were running scared, they thought that they can get it from hugging a person, now how crazy was that? When people started educating themselves they saw exactly how the disease is spread.

God has you in His hands and He want you to remember HE is in control of this universe, so don’t walk in panic but educate yourself and remember who holds this universe together.


7 thoughts on “God’s IN CONTROL!!!

  1. I really like getting your blog but I keep setting my preferences to once a week but I still get it daily. I hate to unsubscribe but I’m inundated with daily email. Is the problem on your end or mine? Thanks.

    1. thank you Sandra I want you to continue to get my devotions too. The problem is on your end. Check again on your settings to see they it is still set the once a week?

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