Reason for your Hope

1 Peter 3:15 says” Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you.

Follow me

If I was a non-believer and I asked you the question,” why do you follow Jesus?” What would your response be? It’s not a trick question it’s very simple and yet you would be surprised of the people who don’t know how to answer this question, as if there is a right and wrong way to answer. Or as if there is only one way to answer it.

Each person who is a born again believer of Jesus Christ will not have the same response but we all will have one factor which will be the same. It’s Jesus being our Savior.

And so today on this Friday I am challenging every person who visit this site and reads this post to comment and give an answer as to why you follow Jesus. Now before some of you say it’s none of my business or you don’t want to participate let me say this, are you scared to let others know that you follow Christ? if you are a shame to tell the world than Jesus will be a shame of you to on Judgement day. 

The bible tells us that we should be ready to give an answer to anybody who ask us the reason for our hope.

As I am typing this I already know that many who are Christians will not tell the world why they follow Christ and that to me is hurting. How can you say that Jesus is your Savior and be afraid to tell it.


12 thoughts on “Reason for your Hope

  1. For me following Jesus was the only option I had. Once I saw truth of how much God loved me that he would send His only Son to die for a sinner like me. I knew he was the answer. Even in my own mind I could not make sense just how living life without Him would be better. For years I was in control of my own life, I made such a mess out of it. Wasted so many precious years that had I known the truth from the beginning I wouldn’t of done none of those things I did. But now I have a new life, a new future and I will follow Jesus right to the end. No one can persuade me to go back to the life I use to have or the person I use to be. It’s not easy being a Christian I will say that. I struggle with decisions and my will gets in the way at times, but one thing is certain, no matter what disappointments or pain I feel I no longer have to deal with it alone. Jesus is right there along side of me, He gives me the strength to stand strong. This is the reason why I follow Christ and have become a disciple of Christ Jesus.

    Now how about you tell me why you follow Jesus? And if you don’t follow Jesus let me know because I want to introduce you to Him.

  2. I follow Jesus because I know He is real. I know that I have felt and heard the maker of the heavens and the earth. And I continue to follow Him because I know that nothing will ever be the same without Him; I will be a mess, a sinful lost soul in search of a deeper salvation. I follow Him because I believe He is God, as is the Father and the Holy Spirit.

    (and this is what I wrote in a previous post)
    “I believe that science supports religion, but science alone cannot create a whole universe. The possibility of a human enzyme coming together by random is 1 in 10^40 000 – that is more than the number of atoms in the universe. The less the possibility of chance, the higher the possibility of purpose and fate. And to ignore these pressing truths, is to live my life in ignorance and fear of something beyond the physical.

    I believe that reason alone cannot create morality. I believe that man is inherently wicked, ruthless, bloodthirsty and monstrous. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and all other dictators have shown me that when there is no God, no religion, no kindness, the darkness of a human heart smothers people with greed, selfishness and hatred. I believe that religion created morality. Religion sets the boundaries and rules so that we would learn to treat others as we would want them to treat us. And which more historically sound religion to believe in than in Christianity (derived from Judaism), which has been there since the start of recorded history.

    I believe that Christian bible is coherent. It is historically accurate. The bible is itself a literature book, written by different prophets in different eras and social circumstances, yet bound together by the same message of God’s nature and the story of the cross. Prophecies in Isaiah link centuries later to the life of Jesus. To ignore such truths would be to irrational and blind.

    Also, I believe that deep in man’s heart, we desire for something immaterial. Man chase after wealth and love, not solely for the material, but for the feelings that come with it. We were designed to long for something more, more and more. We marvel at beauty. When we see the mountains, we don’t look at the rocks and elements that make up those mountains. Rather, we realise that beyond all that, they are majestic towers, beautiful and astounding in their presence. I believe that in our human DNA, we are wired to see the immaterial and to long for the supernatural.

    Up till now, people are still risking their lives to spread the gospel to people. They all believe that they are fighting for the truth. To show you the life of Jesus, they are willing to give up their own lives. That is why, my friend, I would go to the ends of the earth to bring you the story of God’s love for you.

    If I die tomorrow and realise that Christianity was never true, I can bravely say that I would still not regret it. But I know that will never be the case, because He has revealed himself to me and to all His children. I know He is real because I not only perceive him, but I hear, see and feel Him. And at the end of the day, I know all will never be in vain.”

  3. I follow Jesus because I know that He is the only way to real peace. He is the only one who loves me just as I am and will take time to teach me how to do everything in a way that glorifies the Father.

    I follow Jesus because He took the time to take me back to the day I was born and walk me through my life. That’s when He let me know how much He loves me by showing me the times He was there. The things He showed me was them time I was very sick with asthma, when I got hit by a taxi, when I almost got hit by a car, the nights I was at places I shouldn’t have been, when I was a police officer so forth and so on. He loved me when I wasn’t even thinking about Him.

    He is my friend!

  4. Jesus did for me, what I could not do for myself. He saved me from my sin and its consequences. Now, I am assured of forgiveness and that one day I will be with Him and other believers in Heaven. His Holy Spirit ministers to me on earth, guides me, gives me peace. His perfect sacrifice on the cross made it possible for me to live each day as a living sacrifice for Him.

  5. Thank you guys who Brenda, Jordan and Gruepa for telling the world why you follow Christ. Others have visited this site today and people who I thought was Christians really aren’t and that is okay. My prayer is that as they read the comments that you believers wrote that they will come to know the Lord like so many of us have. Have a bless day…

  6. I posted this somewhere else a few days ago. I had to go dig up where it was:

    He loved me first. He allowed me to try to be “good” while showing me it was an impossible standard by my human means. He stepped into human form and assumed all of my shortcomings and gave me his righteousness. I love him because he loves me despite all of my failings.

  7. 1“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? (Mathew 7 1-4) We must never make judgement on who is and who is not Christian, just love as Jesus loved, God bless

  8. I follow Jesus because of the burning desire in my soul that he planted there long before I was created. You see Desiray God has planted in every human the desire to follow him, even before they were born. Therefore there is no denying the calling upon my heart. Now that i do follow him I do so out of love for Jesus and his unfailing friendship and steadfast love God loves us so much. That my sweet sister is my honest reason for following jesus.

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