Out of Order

The church is out-of-order, when I say the church I am talking about when the body comes together as a whole. We are to worship the Lord as one but we don’t you know why? Because many of us come to church with other things on our mind that we won’t allow ourselves to come into His presence. Yes, I understand we all have problems and issues and I will never undermine or make little of it. But let’s tell the truth today and shame the devil. When we come together as a body we should leave our problems at the door before we enter into the church. My God, I know right now you do not agree with what I just said, you are saying to yourself , WHAT? Is she talking about?
out of order

Well this is what I am talking about, when Jesus was moving around in the community in the church the people forgot about their problems that they worshiped Him, they knew the importance of getting to HIM! Do you?  Look at all the people who came to Him see how immediately they received their blessings and how fast the miracles took place. Have you ever asked yourself how come we don’t see this today in church? I know I have many times, because all through scripture when people came to Jesus they were healed immediately in the physical it was never that they got their healing a week later a month later a year later. So, tell me what are we doing that is out-of-order? Because we are surely doing something out-of-order? But you won’t accept this teaching today because you are like those who left Christ side and said “who can accept it”

Did you know if we would come together in church and have faith in God and stay fixed upon Him we will see those same miracles they saw., but because we don’t keep our eyes fixed on Him, we don’t see those types of miracles.  Help us Lord GOD!


7 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. Though I may sometimes take my problems to church, thanks to the love and patience of Jesus, when I leave church I also leave my problems behind. For me, it’s only in my prayerful moments with God that I can let go of my problems. And I’m so grateful.

  2. Yup, sometimes too we don’t just bring our problems to church, we bring them back home with us. I don’t mean to say ignore and dump the problems at church but offering them instead at the throne’s feet. Jesus said, “come to me all you are heavily burden and I will give you rest.” God is bigger than our problems and corporate worship is also commanded for edification, support and exhortation.

  3. Desiray, you are so right.
    May I never be ‘out of order’ when I come to worship God.
    In my church, before we worship, we have a short corporate prayer session, which includes prayer points to get ourself ‘right’, before we
    start to worship.
    Have a blessed day, my sister and God bless you. xx

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