You are Cordially Invivited

How to Listen to Podcast:

If you’re new to podcasts, think of them like live radio shows where you can listen  at your convenience. They are great tool to listen while your working-out at the gym washing dishes and even while your driving in the car to work

Listen on your smart phone, iPad or iPod Touch – There are a lot of great podcasting apps. Google has a free app in the app store that you can download on your phone.

Tune in each week and see what topics and verses of the bible we are talking about. Chat-room is always available if you would like to chat with me while I am on the air live.  Email me your questions or comments about the show. Love to hear from you. You can also listen to previous shows as well.Encourage Your Spirit

(1) The Desiray Show

(2) Encourage Your Spirit

(3) Keeping Jesus The Center of Your Life

Contact me via email at


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