Our Blind Spots

Today’s devotion is “Our Blind Spots”  we as God’s children can become blind sided by the mercies of God. Because He looks after us nothing goes un-seen by Him. In our normalcy of every day life we get blind sided by His mercies because we take them for granted, not realizing that Jesus want to take care of us whole heartily.


In our day we go about doing many different things and the moment an unexpected surprise show up it shocks us and takes us a step back because we weren’t prepared for it, Jesus is saying to us don’t let life’s expectancies make you take a step back, continue moving forward for Christ saw the unexpected coming a mile away. He’s there to intercept it before it touches us.

He’s always there seeing those blind spots that we don’t see, and that is why we must always be grateful, appreciative, and thankful for having Christ in our lives.

 May you all have a fantastic day today…


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