Forbidden to Cross Over

Deuteronomy 3:25-27 says’ Let me go over and see the good land beyond the Jordan, that fine hill country and Lebanon” But because of you the Lord was angry with me and would not listen to me. ” That is enough, the Lord said” Do not speak to me anymore about this matter. Go up to the top of Pisgah and look west and north and south and east. Look at the land with your own years, since you are not going to cross this Jordan.

Crossing the Jordan

Moses had seriously disobeyed God and was told he would not be allowed to enter Canaan. Yet, Moses pleaded with God to change his mind and allow him to cross the Jordan River and to enter the promise land.

God refused to teach that sin by anyone of us has very serious consequences and will bring stricter judgement.

Moses was a spiritual leader to the people and when he disobeyed God; God disqualified Moses to take the people into Canaan. The Lord commissioned  Joshua and encouraged and strengthen him for he will lead the people across and will cause them to inherit the land.

Can you imagine how Moses must have felt to be so close and not able to enter into that promise land. God did give him grace you see that in verse (27) all Moses could do was just look.  I am thinking to myself I just don’t want to see the blessing I want to enter into the blessing.

This is why I say that we can miss our own blessings because we mess it up for ourselves. Remember folks God loves obedience better than sacrifice.




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