Why do we struggle seeing things from others perspective?

Perspective means “point of view, especially the ability to see the whole of something. … 

Prospective is an adjective meaning (1) likely to happen

John 9:35-41  The story of the Blind Man


The Lord Jesus takes this blind man and leads him out-of-town where He touches him and then asks him what he sees. Interestingly enough, the man responds, “I see men as trees, walking.” Even though Christ had touched him, his vision was not yet what it needed to be. He was no longer blind, but he now had a blurred perspective. Unfortunately, the same is true for many Christians. We have met the Lord; He has touched our life, yet our vision or perspective still isn’t what it should be.

So the next time you want someone to see something from your perspective remember the story of the blind man.



3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. This is good. We cannot see everything. I am not even sure we are meant to. When we approach a situation we need to seek first to understand before we try to make ourselves understood.

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