No need to be scared of the things happening in our world

Every person is scared of something. Maybe you are scared of being alone, or maybe you are scared of what the future holds. Over the last several months I have been hearing especially Christians say that they are scared. In my mind several things come to mind. I wonder “what is the real reason as to why they are scared?

he goes before you

Recently, while at the gym there was this woman who was working out next to me, she said good morning. We engaged in light conversation, as we began talking I asked her what church she attends, come find out we both go to the same church. (I do believe this was a divine meeting that Jesus has set up for us) As we was talking I mentioned to her about the events that are taking place in our world. Needless to say this open the door for me to talk to her about the book of Revelation.

She mentioned to me how that is one of the less book of the bible that she will read, of course I had to ask why? Her response was” she was afraid for it talks about a lot of things she just don’t understand, and she wants to hear about all the happy and good stuff.

After listening to her I asked her with all the things happening in our world how can you not read Revelation? I informed her that for a Christian we don’t have to be scared for it’s our time to be home with the Lord. I explained to her that when you start reading it then the things that you see happening now in the world will make sense to you because it was prophesied long ago.

Before she left she said “Desiray thank you, because I did not want to come to the gym this morning, but something in my spirit kept telling me to go to the gym.

As Christians we never have to be scared because we have Jesus, He is our Hope in Glory. Why do we think as Christians that there will never be evil in the world? Evil is in this world because of SIN! And until Jesus comes back evil will remain here in the earth.

I know for me in the last couple of months I have gone back to the Old Prophets in the bible that talks about the End-Times like Daniel, Ezekiel and re-reading Revelation. In times that we live in family we need to be closer to God and His word, AMEN?


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