First of December

The calendar rolled over and here we are in a brand new month, “December” oh such joy. Christmas is the highlight of it all for it’s all about Christ. “It’s the year of perpetual giving” that’s right people.


But what does perpetual giving means to you? Do we only do it during this December month? Or are we to be continually giving into the new year through out the year? Websters dictionary defines the meaning as blooming continuously throughout the season.

Christ tells us that we are to give not just doing Christmas but all through out our  lives, we are to give. For the Lord loves a cheerful giver. As you start planning for this joyous seasons and the activities that you and your family will be doing. Remember that the world says this is the year of perpetual giving, we don’t do as the world does, we give every day of our lives, rather in monies, our time, talents and of ourselves.


As Christians we say Merry Christmas not Happy Holiday, and we don’t place an X in front of mas. OKAY?


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