Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas 2014

Eleven hours from now it will be Christmas Day, and I want to take this time to say and wish each of you and your families a very merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

navity sceene

Christmas means so much to me and my family it’s never about the gifts that I get although I do appreciate them, but for me and my family it’s “all about thanking God for His Son”. And so today I want to share with you what I am thankful for on this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I would hope that you will share with me what Christmas means to you and yours. My family tradition on Christmas morning is opening all the gifts then we have our breakfast then we go into the living room and we watch The Christmas Parade. This year I will be cooking the meal for my family.

  • I thank Jesus for my Salvation
  • I thank Jesus that I am in perfect health and peace
  • I thank Jesus for my family and friends
  • I thank Jesus for getting me through this year
  • I thank Jesus for everything He has given me
  • And I thank Him for what He will be doing in my family in the New Year 2015 if I am allowed to see it.

Let us be mindful of those who don’t have family to be with on this Holy Season let us remember to share our meal with someone.  As the homes and families venture out to be with love ones and the aroma of cider and cookies are baking in the kitchen be careful as you are traveling enjoy the meal and try not to eat too much, LOL



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