Titus 3:2 “Don’t be involved in senseless matters

Titus 3:2 says”  Do not be involved in senseless brawls – Instead, manifest your quiet strength as a child of God

titus 3

If no good can be spoken, rather than speaking evil unnecessarily, say nothing. We must never take pleasure in speaking ill of others, nor make the worst of anything. For we are to be the best we can. We must not go up and down as tale-bearers, carrying ill-natured stories to the prejudice of our neighbor’s good name and destruction of brotherly love just to make yourself look good.

And yet you and I find ourselves during the very thing that Titus tells us not to do. Often times we allow the matters of this life to cause us to get involved in senseless brawls and rather you have good intentions we must first ask ourselves first why are we doing it? And is it for righteousness? In our society today we have so many religions and people who are fighting in the name of religion. Sad thing about all this is that some of it is not about Jesus at all! Look at all the tragedy that has and is happening all because of the someones involvement in senseless brawls.

If any person or group stands up for a cause and if there is any type of slander or harm towards another person it’s not of God which means you have involved yourself in senseless brawls. And you need to remove yourself immediately from it. Nothing good will come from it.





6 thoughts on “Titus 3:2 “Don’t be involved in senseless matters

  1. One of my intention in 2015, .as a leader in my church, is to not to be involved in trivial and senseless matters, which do not glorify God.
    This is a Word from the Lord to me.
    Thank you Desiray.
    I will refer to the scripture in Titus often, to keep myself in check, with the help of the Holy Spirit.!

    God Bless you.

    1. Amen. Carole it is so easy for us to get involved in these types of matters because we as humans react by our emotions instead of what the word of God says. It has been awhile since we talked, how have you been?

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