2015 Happy New Year’s DAY!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S DAY TO YOU AND YOURS. Well everyone 2015 “rolled” in as we knew it would. Rather you are excited about it or you aren’t ready for it, it’s here. And I was wondering what will I share with you all on this brand new year would I make it something fun or would I share my experiences in 2014. Seems like allot of people will be doing that one, but not me. This is what I sense the Lord would have me share with you my readers. 


We often trouble ourselves, and even are led into temptation and sin, by groundless suspicions; and find the fear of God where we expected it not. Agreements to deceive generally end in shame and sorrow; and restraints from sin, though by suffering, should be thankfully acknowledged.

I do believe this is what He would have me share with you. So here goes ladies and gents go with me to Genesis chapter 20 verse 15 and it reads like this,” And Abimelek said, “My land is before you; live wherever you like.” 

Abimelek, literally in the good in thine eyes; the generous Philistine offering him a settlement within his borders, whereas the Egyptian monarch hastened his departure from the country. And Abimelek said, behold, my whole land is before thee.  Instead of bidding him be gone, and sending him away in haste out of his country, as the king of Egypt did in a like case, he solicits his stay in it; and to encourage him to it, makes an offer of his whole kingdom to him, to choose which part of it he would to dwell in.

The Lord rebuke, yet he will pardon and deliver his people, and he will give them favour in the sight of those with whom they sojourn; and overrule their infirmities, when they are humbled for them, so that they shall prove useful to themselves and others.

Thank you Lord Jesus for 2014 and all that you have done and thank you for 2015 I am looking forward to seeing what You and I will be doing together.


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