That Bitter Old Woman

Hebrews 12:15 says, See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.

Do you remember when you would hear people say to stay away from a certain person all because they said he or she was bitter? I know when I was growing up as a child me and my friends would be outside playing and there was this one woman down the street who was so bitter that if you even came pass her house she would yell and scream at you. But being a kid we never knew why she acted this way so we would laugh at her and tell her how mean and bitter she was.


Little did we know what was really happening, but one day I was by myself on my bike riding and I watched her out in her yard, and I notice how she never had no one over at her house or on her porch. I remember asking my mother and I tell you my mother always had a way that when she spoke it really made you think about your actions. She told me she was bitter because of hatred in her heart and what life has done. Now to a child I had no idea what that meant but I pondered it and I made my mind up that day that I was not going to grow old and end up bitter.

Here in this verse  of Hebrews 12:15 we see how people really do become bitter they aren’t born that way, they aren’t even raised to be bitter. People become bitter when they miss the grace of God. When we don’t thank God daily for His grace what we do is defile our own bodies and destruction of bitterness will begin to settle in.

One of the things that man has done is forgotten about the Mercy’s of God because man feels as though he don’t need God in his life, he can do life on his own.  Man has forgotten that it is God Himself who gives him life, man does not acquire these things on their own. And because of that mentality we end up letting bitterness and all that junk into our very lives.

Your challenge today and everyday is to never forget the mercies of God, thank Him for everything remember GOD IS GOD. We must continue to have a grateful and thankful heart. Don’t take God for granted as some have. AMEN!


2 thoughts on “That Bitter Old Woman

  1. Although bitterness can consume a person I wonder if someone showed her an abundance of love if they could have broken into her bitterness. Sometimes we avoid people who have problems when we need to make ourselves available. As a child definitely nothing you could have done, but as adults we should open our lives to love on those who need or lack love. Thanks for sharing the story, loved it.

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