Why People have “affairs”?

Hebrews 13:4 says, Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

In this world with so many men and woman trying to have their needs met they often times look outside of their marriage to get those feelings met, The strange thing about it is that no person can meet all your expectations in which you have. We somehow believed that our spouses was going to met every single need, and when they came up short our focus started looking other places.

Love Langauage

So the question becomes why do people have affairs, woman are emotional so if they had an affair it’s because they felt the lack of emotional connection. For the man is it visual he lacks the visual part that the woman is to give him so his focus is often lured by someone else who meets that need.

But regardless of the reason why men and woman have affairs really comes down to what is missing on the inside of us. Affairs just don’t happen you just don’t wake up and decide you are going to have an affair. Something deep within you trigger it. And for both men and women the trigger is very different, the bible tells us that when we are draw away from our own sexual desires we become tempted. The question now becomes have you gotten a hold on your sexual desires?

Because if you haven’t then it is very easy for you to give into those desires. That is why Paul said it’s better to be single then married because married people have so much to deal with but the person who is single will only deal with the things of GOD.

How many times have you blamed your spouse for all our problems instead of sitting down and discussing them? How many times have you caught yourself flirting with the opposite sex? The reason you do these things is because deep down you really aren’t ready to do Marriage. yeah it’s so easy to say I want to be married but marriage is so much more than you making plans to get married.

You have to learn to live with the other person you have to learn to accept him and her on their differences. And so in our society we have so many people having affairs sleeping around and hiding in the dark meeting in secret places, and yet they think they are harm no one. But the reality is this, you are hurting people you are hurting every person who is attached to you, the children can’t understand what is happening. How can you teach your children to be faithful when you aren’t faithful yourself.

Today I challenge you to really take a hard look as to why you got married, because is you got married other than loving them and doing ministry then my friend I dare to tell you, you got married for all the wrong reasons.

But now that you are married you just can’t throw in the towel and say well I want a divorce, see that would be way to easy, anytime we don’t want to deal with a thing we are ready to call it quits.

In all honest I believe people who have affairs will make all kind of excuses to have them instead of approaching the marriage and talking to your spouse first about what is really going on.

Communication is the key and if you need counseling then I suggest you get some Godly counsel, because obviously something is wrong deep down inside. If you honor your marriage like Jesus honors it you will ignore the thought of being in an affair, Remember the enemy is out to destroy your marriage, don’t let him have it. AMEN!


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