Is your life a reflection of Emails and Spam?

Jeremiah 10:23 says” O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.

How much junk and spam do we allow to come into our lives? How do we filter these things out of our thoughts,and our actions? Well for one we can’t set up no spam folder so what does one do?


During the course of our day we do a lot of business giving out our email address and some of us have more than one email and why is that?

Could it be that one is for personal and the other is for business?

Can we keep it simple by having just one email and if so how do we maintain it so we don’t become so overwhelmed?

Our lives are just like our emails we get everything coming at us and we have to process most of it, at times we slack and before we know it we have more on our plate then what we can handle in one day. One of the ways that you and I can filter the emails in our lives is to do an inventory of what is important and what is not. Because believe it or not at the end of the day if we would look at everything we did that day we will see that there were some things we did not have to do. We will see where we wasted too much time on somethings and neglect another area. But unfortunately we don’t have time to process this during the day because we are busy.

Don’t let your life become like your email boxes filled of spam and all junk mail with no place to go.  Your time and family is precious and they need you. Life brings with it a lot of uncertainties but one thing we can control is what we will accept and what we won’t accept.



3 thoughts on “Is your life a reflection of Emails and Spam?

  1. When I started this site here I use to get allot of junk mail people would say nasty things about me because I wrote about Jesus. They hated everything I wrote about Jesus. I remember the very first comment to my post when I started The Devotion Cafe back in 2010 I was so hurt that I was going to stop blogging all together but then I realized that I am doing what Jesus said we are to do. Tell the world about Him, and so I had to set up a way that I don’t get no more spam on this site as well in my emails. That was five years ago and to this day I no longer get any nasty emails or nasty comments. I will never stop posting or stop talking about Jesus, I know some of my devotions are hard and some are soft and I don’t mind anyone commenting on a post, matter of fact I love reading your comments and emails, but one thing I will not tolerate and that is someone saying any negative things about my Lord and Savior. I never will debate God’s Word for I believe it to be 100% truth…AMEN

  2. Reblogged this on XO, CECANO and commented:

    Yesterday right before church I decided it was to time to deactivate all my social networks. I deleted my Instagram, deactivated my Facebook, and deleted my Twitter app. I felt that it was time for a change. It was time for me to free up some space in my life and social networks.

    Today, this is he confirmation that God has given me.

    Let the church say AMEN!

    1. AMEN! Cynthia it is a confirmation for you. I just love it when God gives His children confirmation. Thanks for commenting and I know that with the free time you will have that you will use it very wisely. And yes let the church say AMEN! That verse don’t know if you know it this or not but it comes out of Nehemiah 8:6

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