How does God see you dressed?

Oh! How pretty are the clothes we like to wear. We take time to find just the right wardrobe to match the prefect colors. Oh how we spend so much time in our dressing.

self image

Then once we have finished preparing ourselves we are ready for our friends and family and everyone to see how fashionable dressed we are. The compliments we get makes us feel pretty and handsome and we love it, don’t we? It’s nice when someone gives you a compliment on your attire.

But have you given any thought as to how God sees you dressed? Do we give Him that same amount of time? Do we make all the same efforts in dressing when it comes to Him? You might be saying what dressing are you talking about? Well I am talking about do we put on Humility, Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Faith, Strength and Hope? See these are the clothes Jesus Christ wants to see us in and on us.

Never be concern about what is on the outside of you for what is really important are the virtues that last for eternity; see when you wear Jesus attire everyone will see.


6 thoughts on “How does God see you dressed?

  1. Great post i will always remember to clothe myself in the garments of humility,love, kindness, gentleness,,faith,strength, and hope. And i have been a Christian and in church for years and many well dressed so called believers were very hateful and rude including the pastor

    1. You know Mary I know just what you mean. And I am sorry to hear that you had to experience that. And I thank God for you because you did not alliw yourself to be dressed in hate and rudeness. You put on humility and kindness. And God sees you dressed and He will honor that and reward you.

      Thank yoy for sharing and for finding my site. My prayer is that you will be blessed and grow in your walk with the Lord

    1. Thank you for commenting…I do agree with what you said words speak volumes just as much as what we put on. For many people they don’t even read the bible or go to church and for that reason we are the closes thing that the world will see. That’s why we must wear those things this way they can see Jesus in us and ask us what is the reason for our hope. AMEN

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