Honest or Sugarcoating the Truth

Colossians 3:9 says” Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices

Remember when you was a small kid your parents taught you “never to lie”for it was wrong. So for the most part we was able to handle that, but as we gotten older we heard people say that when you are honest you have to be careful that you don’t hurt that persons feelings, because we all know that the truth does hurt and with good reason.

Test the Spirit

Instead of people being totally honest some have adopted this clever way of telling a half truth, now to me it’s still a lie no matter what you call it, some call it little white lie. A lie is a lie no matter how you view it.

For example let’s say a friend bakes a cake and ask you to taste it, your friend ask you how was the cake? You did not like the cake, but you don’t want to hurt their feelings so you say it was okay.

Telling them it was okay is that the truth? No, the truth would be  if you  say this, the cake you baked I appreciate it but I did not really care for it. God tells us to always be truthful there are no grey areas in God’s word. Did you know that when a person tells a lie that their facial expressions gives them away?

Of course no one wants to offend their friend but when you lie you’re not helping either. The friend might be upset about what you said but if they are a real friend they will later appreciate your honesty. For when they really need someone who they can count on they will remember you for you speak the truth.

If you even disagree that is perfectly fine I do ask you to remember this, God hates lies His word has no grey areas. His word is all truth. AMEN!!

Do you sugarcoat the truth or do you tell the truth?

4 thoughts on “Honest or Sugarcoating the Truth

  1. Thankful that God delivered me from my embellishing half truth past! I am all about the truth. God does not categorize or scale lies- a lie is a lie no matter how you look at it. Great post!

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