What makes you go, hmmmm

Have you given any thought to what you are reading in the bible? When you pick it up and turn to one of the sixty-six books did you ever ask yourself what that particular book is about? If your like me you wanna dig into the word. For instance no matter what book of the bible you read it will always have a cross reference to another book in the bible, and if you don’t take the time to know what was happening at that moment you will be a bit confused.


This morning I will give you a few of the books and what the theme of that book is about. Now before you stop reading follow along with me you might be surprised.

  • Matthew talks about Jesus the Promised Messiah while
  • Mark  refers to Jesus as the Miracle Worker, Suffering Servant and Son of GOD
  • Luke refers to Jesus as the Divine Human Savior while
  • John refers to Jesus Christ as The Son of God, Savior of People

When you have a situation that has presented itself to you rather good or bad you wish you knew what scripture speaks on your situation? We all have, the bible has all the answers to everything you and I need all we need to do is search it.

  • Why the righteous suffer? Read the book of Job.
  • Making right decisions, read the book of Proverbs Wisdom for right living.
  • Handling difficult people read 2 Samuel 21:1-14.
  • Guidelines for the home- 1 Peter 3:1-7

These are just a few that I have given you today of course I can’t give them all but as you can see God has an answer to any and everything we need we just need to search the word. For when we apply the word to our situation we will never have to find ourselves sitting up late a nights worrying and loosing sleep and being irritable and scared. Apply His word to our lives we can rest in peace knowing that we did exactly what the word says. AMEN

The next time you read your bible read the references that goes along with that scripture you are reading. I guarantee, you will begin to see your growth in God and His word.

Have a blessed day today!


5 thoughts on “What makes you go, hmmmm

  1. I feel much critical thought needs to be applied when reading the word. To have “Knowledge is one thing, but in all of one’s obtaining of knowledge they need to get an understanding.

    1. You are right Msry we are to get understanding and when I search the scriptures the Holy Spirit gives me the understanding of what I have read. It doesn’t always happen that same day but he does give it to me
      Glory to God

  2. very good – I think this is just what God intends for us in his word when he says, “get understanding.” well written! God bless

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