Fight Against Those Who Fight against YOU

Psalm 35

For all those who have asked the question when will God bring justice and judgment to those who fight against you?  When you read the entire Psalm 35 you see David pleading his case to God about those who fight against him. Those who want to destroy him and physically.

Psalm 35

Each of us can surely relate to David in this chapter for we too have had bosses and people treat us badly from bullying and harassing us. Maybe you are experiencing what David felt, David called them hecklers and he wanted God to destroy them.

As you read Psalm 35 keep in mind that the psalmist does not take judgment or revenge into his own hands, but he trust God to be the judge. The Psalms teaches us a powerful truth; when the sin of the wicked reaches its limit; the Lord will rightly judge and destroy.

David’s prayer was for freedom from injustice as followers of Christ we have  the right to pray for his protection from evil people. Remember this prayer is to see injustice and cruelty come to an end. For the Lord your God will bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out to him day and night.

I pray that today’s devotion has helped you so that when you find yourself in this place like David did that you will remember this chapter. God is good family.



2 thoughts on “Fight Against Those Who Fight against YOU

  1. Ah this was SO timely! I’ve been having this conversation with God for the past 2 weeks, and even in traffic this morning. Ps 35 always comes to mind. This was encouraging, thank you!

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