JESUS Goes Before You

Did you know that the Lord Jesus will always go first to the place before he sends you and I there?



Think for a moment because we get scared when Jesus calls us, it’s like we immediately go into panic mode. And then comes all the questions like why me? I can’t do this.

But if we would take a moment to take a deep breath we know that God has and will never send anyone to a place in which he has not already himself been there.

And do you know why? Because he tells us that he will never forsake us. What an assurance promise we have.

Knowing that when he calls us we don’t have to be afraid of that territory. Even if we face opposition God’s been there and what ever it is it will not come to our dwelling.

Family we serve an amazing Lord I don’t know no one else who will do this but Our God. Amen


7 thoughts on “JESUS Goes Before You

  1. This blessed me, in more ways than one. First, it confirmed what l always pray before l go to a place. I always pray asking God to go before me to set the atmosphere and environment of the place l am going. Second, this gave me revelation to know if God has gone before me, then He will be there with me when l get there, and l don’t have to fear, especially if l have an assignment that includes going before people.

      1. Thank you Desiray. That is what l love about my relationship with God; He is always proving Himself, confirming things, and l love the way He gives revelation, and the way He speaks through people and things. May you also be blessed as God continues to use you.

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