Rebekah Sons, Esau and Jacob

Before Rebekah gave birth, she knew she was going to have twins, because she could feel them inside her, fighting each other. She thought, “Why is this happening to me?” Finally, she asked the LORD why her twins were fighting, and he told her: “Your two sons will become two separate nations. The younger of the two will be stronger, and the older son will be his servant. Genesis 25:22-26.


And like with Rebekah she gave birth to Esau and Jacob and all the fighting that they did was over a birth right, I ask you today what are you fight over? Are you fighting over something that is rightfully yours, or is it something that was promised to you? Many will read Rebekah’s story and question her parenting skills, I know I did when I read the story, because how could a mother betray one child over the other? And yet it happens everyday.

Did you know that you and I do this God? We fight Him with our flesh every day, God gives us His Will and His Word and we say we still want to be in control over our lives, we complain about what we think we should have or what we believe is to be ours but we won’t change and be transformed into the way the Lord would have us be. The bible says be ye transformed and the last thing we want is to be obedient so we wrestle with God.

Before we were born God placed a purpose and a destiny in each of us, He knew what you and I are going to be in life, He knew the paths we would take, He also gave us free-will to choose for ourselves. Yes, we can sit back and say Rebekah was not what you call today’s mother by any standards and means but if we look at our lives I dare to say that we too are just like Rebekah.

I plead with you today, hear the call you are about to birth a great nation and what you do now will determine your future, many of us have already birth our nation I say to you don’t sell your birth right! Nothing in this world is more important than your relationship with Christ, NOTHING! 

To know more about Rebekah, Esau and Jacob you can read the entire story found in Genesis chapter 25, 26 and 27. I promise you once you read it or reread it God will show you things you missed the last time you read it. I know He showed me somethings.


3 thoughts on “Rebekah Sons, Esau and Jacob

  1. Thank you so much for this! I try to live a life according to God’s laws but sometimes it’s difficult. I will not deny that I fight Him, and over the dumbest things. I fight because my prayers go “unanswered”, I fight because what I’m going through “isn’t fair.” When in all honesty, He answered my prayer in a totally different way and what He went through in His life is much more unfair than anything that could happen in mine.

    Thank you for the food for thought today! I’m reblogging this as well for my followers! 🙂

    1. my sister I can understand what you said, we all at times do the exact same thing you mentioned. I have learned over the years that God always have our best interest at heart. And though I don’t understand some things He is still God and He change NOT. I have to remind myself no use in fighting because at the end God will WIN…so stop fighting Him. Our will, mind will always be in constant battle over what God says. We just have to learn to submit our wills of the flesh over to God.

      Thank you for sharing your comment as well as sharing with your readers I pray they be blessed by today’s devotion. Please do come back and visit and if you need prayer or someone to talk to let me know. God bless you

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