Next to God is Cleanliness, Is NOT Scriptural Folks

It’s time to tackle this myth, for years people have quoted this myth and we have taken it as being scripture, when it fact is it only a myth it’s an ancient proverbs saying from other religions from witch doctors and some which we haven’t even heard of. This is nothing more then post modern religion and freedom religion. 

Test the Spirit

Now understand this is not to beat up on you or make fun of because just like you I have heard my aunts, mother and almost every adult that I knew would say this when I was a child and so I grew up believing such a myth.

Just like Satan came to Eve and twisted the word of God, Satan till comes to you and I and twists God’s word and the thing about it he never has to take the whole verse to twist it just omit one word and if you and I aren’t sure of the word we walk right into his den.

Now doesn’t it make you wonder about any other myths that you heard from a child and you really thought it was scripture only to find out it is only a deception from the enemy. Anytime you hear something that does not sound right you should check it out in the bible first before you believe it’s scriptural. Nowadays people are making their own scriptures to suit themselves.

Lets not allow ourselves to fall for such myths because myths can destroy your spiritually growth. And we are to grow everyday in GOD.

Anything that does not line up with the Word of God is Evil and evil comes from the enemy and the truth is not in him.


4 thoughts on “Next to God is Cleanliness, Is NOT Scriptural Folks

  1. I love asking kids in youth what chapter this is in and then who “taught” them it was Scripture!

    Wesley is actually who we owe this to: In one of his sermons he used this phrase, or a very similar one, speaking of the Pharisees and their rituals. This is a great example of knowing what what know is correct and not “tradition” we’ve been wrongly handed.

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