Forgiveness: When you forgive but they won’t let you forget

WHEW! This one is a big one! Don’t worry we are going to get through this one. The reason this is so hard for us all is because it cuts right through us. When we have been hurt, disappointed it leaves wounds, some wounds don’t even recover because the damage is far to great. I don’t want to minimize no ones feelings or thoughts because forgiveness is not easy.

We all have stories and thoughts about forgiveness some will say I may forgive but I won’t forget, and that is okay you don’t have to forget what was done to you, but we must forgive  everyone. When we choose not to forgive did you know that you become that person prisoner? I know you don’t think so but let me explain this, think back to an incident that happen where you did not forgive that person, think about how it made you feel and how if you saw that person it still bothered you?


Those are known as wounds not healed, but yet the person who did this to you they have moved on with life they have forgotten what they did, maybe they aren’t aware that you are still heart-broken over it. Do you see now how you have become their prisoner?

For most of us we can forgive quickly but depending on the severity of the circumstances most of us don’t forgive to quickly we go through all the emotions of pain and suffering then after we have had several talks in our mind about how we are going to treat this person, now we are able to stop the emotions and move on, so we think we have.

You and I will never walk in complete freedom if we hold on to grudges and un forgiveness. When you forgive it does not mean you are making excuses for their behavior towards you, forgiveness cleans your heart.

Let me give you some examples of what un forgiveness can and will do to our heart. It will bring hate, anger, malice, resentment, revenge, this is just the mental part  now to our physical bodies,  we suffer with our health. Yes our health is affected by our unforgiveness. And do you know why? It’s because we bring worrisome and stress and we know what too much stress can do to the body. That is why when we go to our doctors they always ask are you stress in any way?

At the end when we take a look at what un-forgiveness can do to us, is it really worth it? I don’t think it is worth it. Yes, you and I have been hurt and you know we will probably be disappointed again but we can’t live as a prisoner to anyone. Jesus tells us to forgive every man all the time, for when we don’t forgive men Jesus won’t forgive us. And don’t you want Jesus to forgive you?

But you maybe saying well Minister Desiray I get what you are saying but sometimes that person who you forgive keeps bringing it up to you it’s as if they keep making you try to pay for the mistake that was done. Let me tell  you something when a person does that it is only the enemy trying to bring you back to that place of pain, you forgiven them but that other person hasn’t and so they don’t know how to move on and they want you to be as miserable as they are.

You can’t let the enemy take your freedom which Jesus gave you. Only thing you can do is first recognize where the source is coming from and rebuke satan and tell that person you forgiven them long time ago but you will not walk down this road with them, all because they want to make you feel guilty. You pray for them and let God deal with them, that is all anyone of us can do. And that is all Jesus expects you and I to do… Remember only Jesus can touch mans heart not us.. AMEN.


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