Those ~careless~ words we speak and later regret

Matthew 12:36 says” I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,

Have you ever wonder through the course of your day how many careless words you have spoken? I know we don’t think about such things because we have other things we are thinking about, but humor me here for a moment. Sometimes our mouth speaks before our brain catches up with it. Have you found yourself after you said a thing your brain says, “ OH’ I should have not said that? Of course you have do you know why? Because we haven’t learned the art of thinking  before we speak! Yeah,, it’s simple we’ve heard it when we were growing up our parents and teachers all told us this but even as a child we would forget, only difference is when we were small and we forget we would immediately put our hands over our mouth and have that look on our faces of being caught.

But now as we have grown into adults we seem to of gotten away from it, now when we don’t think about what to say we open our mouth and let it have free rein and we don’t think about our actions until someone points them out to us. And even then once made aware of it we don’t put our hands over our mouth and have that childish look on our faces anymore, we shrug it off our shoulders and continue moving. But it’s not until maybe later in the day or later in life when it hits us in our stomach that we should have thought first before we said that.

See our words in which we speak can do two things to any person at any given time, it can bring life or it can destroy life. That is why we must be careful as to what we say to a person. I believe that everyone needs to have life spoken to them, no matter who they are. I also understand that many people probably never had anyone to speak life to them they grew up hearing death spoken to them, they hard those words of you are not a good person, you are an idiot, words like these can destroy a person in many levels. That is why we must go back to the art of thinking, before we speak. Did you know that we speak millions of words in just one course of the day? Did you also know that in that million we don’t even speak a quarter of it in speaking life to someone? Did you know we speak half of that million in careless words?

But at the end of the day can you say with a clear conscious that you did not say a careless word that causes someone else to be destroyed by the words that came out of your mouth? I know it’s not easy especially when someone may hurt you but do we have to destroy someone else with our words just because they said a careless word to you?


4 thoughts on “Those ~careless~ words we speak and later regret

  1. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am guilty of this very thing. I am doing alot better than I used to though 🙂 God is holding my tongue tighter and tighter each day!

    1. You know sis God loves our honesty when we come and admit our wrong. I know I use to be bad at this and even now I have learned to shut my mouth. It reminds me of what my mother use to tell us if you can’t say nothing good don’t say nothing at all.

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