Evening Prayer: Why I AM A Christian

Of all the different types of Religions that are out I thank God that it was my mother who raised me and my sisters in the house of God. It was her who told me about Jesus dying for my sins as a sinner. Me having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the best thing that has ever happen to me. People ask me everyday why are you so joyful? See what the world fails to understand is that my joy does not come from mere men my joy doesn’t come from life, my joy comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.

March 24 2014 006

There will always be challenges and decisions that I will have to make in life. There will be times when I am sad, but those things will never bring me to despair. For when they come my way I don’t handle them alone, for my Lord and Savior is always with me. He gives me the strength to rise above them. So when you ask me why am I a Christian? I say there is no other way but that of the cross in which Jesus have provided a way for me to have Salvation.

Thank you Lord for this amazing day you have given me, thank you for watching over and protecting me and my family. Lord thank you for being God. Lord so many people don’t know you and my prayer is that more people would go into the vineyard and become labors. Lord I ask you to touch and heal those who are needing healing in their bodies, mind and spirit. With so many things happening in our world many are asking what is to come? I pray that you comfort them Lord and let them know that Jesus is the reason for living. Watch over our Military as they go about their mission give wisdom to those in our Administration and guidance to our Congressmen. Protect and watch over Israel and let America stand by her side with support. Bring Godly men and women around our President as he take on the task of the day. Strength him and his family. I ask of all these things in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN


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