Putting Your Mouth on A FAST

Today’s Devotion is one that I posted two years ago many of you haven’t read this because some of you are new to following me. My prayer is that you will be open to what the Lord will reveal to you in your Spiritual Growth.

A biblical fast is a fast for our spiritual growth. Through the bible you see many different people fasting, we see the teachings that Jesus gives us in the New Testament as well as in the Old Testament. Often times when a person start a fast they reference the fast with the book of Isaiah or they go on a Daniel Fast.

silenceCouple days ago I posted a devotion about” What the Lord Hears from our Mouth” today I want to give you the rest of what I was pondering on. The other day I heard something that made me think. We fast for spiritual growth right? How about having our mouth go on a fast! WHEW!

Yes, putting our mouth on a fast. I can surely see that my mouth needs to go on a fast. Reason being you and I are constantly talking way too much, we talk so much that we don’t even give the Lord a chance to speak for we are interrupting Him.

Guideline I am going to follow. This is what was dropped in my spirit.

  • Start out with your own set time in which you will be silent, you can do it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. You pick how long you want to do it.  (and for how many days)
  • Keep a journal this way you can write what the Lord speaks to you about.
  • No communication what soever during the time of your fasting (You can talk after your time up done)
  • No cell-phone, computers,  texting,  reading, no music, no singing, no humming, no television. (if you are entertaining yourself while on the fast it beats the purpose) no activity during the time set for your silence fasting. ( it can wait)

Sunday will start my “Mouth Fast” I spoke to my husband to tell him what I will be doing, this way he is informed and won’t bother me during my hour of fasting.

My husband really has a sense of humor for when I told him that this is what I am doing he said to me” keeping me silent is going to be hard’ for you are always saying something.” How true that is, that is why I told him I will do it while he is at work. (laugh)

I do have a purpose for doing this, that is to come away with enrichment and clarity like never before. I have faith to believe that the Lord is going to show me where I need to change oh yes there will be some peeling of the flesh. And the end result will be to make me more like Him. AMEN!

If you would like to do this “Mouth Fast” as well, I encourage you to do so. I already posted it on Facebook and have a taker. Like I said after that last devotion I did about what the Lord hears from our mouth, it really had me thinking. Our mouths gets us into so much trouble and we need to watch it. James said it best when he said our mouths must be bridle like a horse.

When we can control our mouths then and only then will we be able to please the Lord with our speech. AMEN!


6 thoughts on “Putting Your Mouth on A FAST

  1. My God! Woman of God this was so much for me. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to me. This is very much on time for the place l am in this season of my life, and most of all; most needed. This is an answer to my prayers. As well, you have also given me strategies. I plan on starting this immediately, and it is my desire to do it on a continual basis. Bless you.

    1. This is something the Lord dealt with me about a year ago. And even now the spirit will nudge me before I even open my mouth. It’s amazing because when I am in conversations with people and I find myself still at that time they say “Desi are you okay?” And I tell them yes I am well. I’m just learning when to speak and not to speak. Amen

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