Living In the Fast Lane

Exodus 17:1-16  What do you complain about most? Is it the traffic? Is it Work?  Or is the weather?

What brings on stress in our lives? Many factors can lead to stress, we can stress from the world, stressing to balance work and rest. While at the same time stressing to keep it all under control.

thH7YOCFY6When we look at the story of Moses in the wilderness with the Israelites, talk about stress he had to of been under. They complained all the time, there’s no  food or water and yet they said Moses brought them out in the desert to die.

But how did Moses deal with the stress that he was under? Very simple, Moses had to focus on the task at hand and not what the people was saying or wanted him to do. It is obvious that the Israelites wanted to live in the fast lane, they wanted what they wanted immediately. Even when they saw the Lord delivered them in the Read Sea, and sent manna down from heaven they still wasn’t appreciative. Sounds like you and I doesn’t it.

Anytime  you and I make a choice to live life in the fast lane it will be accompanied by stress. As children of God we can’t allow ourselves to get so caught up in wanting what the world has.  When we take our eyes which is our focus off  Jesus we will always be on the fast track in life which will only bring a lot of stress to our lives.

If you notice the world has so much stress and so many people are stressed out. God’s plan for you is to live this life with Him, not to live it in stress. So the next time you say you are stress ask your self “why are you”? For it could be you have taken your eyes off of Christ Jesus.

When  we want something to happen and it doesn’t we stress but did you ever ask yourself is what you wanting is what Jesus wants for you? If God has said that is not for you and you take matters into your own hand to obtain it, no wonder you are stress. Do you see it?


2 thoughts on “Living In the Fast Lane

  1. Great wisdom and an excellent reminder here. Thank you! I needed this today…not so much the “stress” part but the last two paragraphs about keeping my eye on the Lord and wanting what HE wants for my life 🙂

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