Goals…Realistic or NOT

When it comes to goals we all have a list of the things we want to accomplish in life. And believe me goals are a wonderful thing for us all to set.

thJBF0KDDRSometimes I think we set goals just a little to high for ourselves that we can’t even reach. And though there is nothing wrong with having a standard for yourself we tend to not be realistic in our goal settings. This is why we have some people who get overwhelmed and frustrated and angry when things don’t work out the way we plan them. I know you want the best for yourself and for your family, and I applaud you but also remember when we set goals in which we can’t reach we end up falling and going the opposite direction in life.

For example we set goals for our children we even try to push our goals on our kids we tell them that they should go to this college or that they should make this career move. Let’s be honest guys we do it all the time maybe not in this example but you get what I am saying. And what happens the child feel that they must stand up to our goals they feel forced to please us. The down side of this is the child begin to reflect defeat, grades come down in school, no participation in class, behavior changes they now have new friends which you don’t approve of or know about.

Think back to when you was a young adult did you enjoy people forcing their goals upon you? I am sure your answer is no, then neither does our children. There is a difference in wanting to set values and morals for our kids and another in forcing them into your goals.

Best thing you can do as a parent is to allow them to make their own choices and goals, we can’t always do things for them all though we want to but they have to live and it can’t be done through you. I’ve seen far to many parents do this and the outcome was devastating, the children ended up hating their parents,  child does every and anything to bring shame to their parents all because mom and dad wanted to live their lives through their children, parents you can’t do that it’s not right.

We must make realistic goals and healthy ones for our families and for ourselves.


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