Your Conversation With God, Today

As we sleep at night the Spirit of God speaks to our Spirit man. Would the conversation go like this? Imagine with me for a moment you and God having this talk. God says, I want you to know that I want to give you somethings to help you along your journey.

talking to Jesus

I see here that you lack a little faith, and so today the Holy Spirit is going to increase your faith, it’s not going to be easy you will feel it but my grace is sufficient for you. I also see you flow strong in encouraging others, and I am well pleased.

I see at times your patience with others is very short, and so the Holy Spirit will be assisting you in that area. I also see some scares in your heart which has caused you much pain, why haven’t you given that over to me, my child? The Holy Spirit is going to do some surgery in your heart so that you can be free

I see when it comes to love you  struggle very hard in this area so much that you even push me God away from you. Why do you do this ,my child? When I look at you, I see a vessel of pure beauty and love, I see you doing great exploits for the kingdom of God. Don’t quench the Spirit from acting in your life. My spirit will guide you in all truth.

Father God I pray that this devotion touches the hearts of those who read it, and that they will glean from it. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, I ask of this. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!

Did you noticed something different about the site today? I changed it…

3 thoughts on “Your Conversation With God, Today

  1. Hello Desiray,
    I noticed the website looks different and feels warm. Good work, keep keeping on.

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