Hoarding Emotions in Your Life

Today I want to talk about being buried alive there is a television program which is  called “Hoarders.” Hoarders are people who have a mental deep-rooted sickness they have blocked out the past hurts in their mind. They suffer depression and other mental issues and so hoarding is a way for them to control themselves from not being hurt.

hoarding emtionsYou may not be a person who hoarders possessions but what emotions are you hoarding in your life? If anyone could see your life would they be stepping all over your stuff to get to you? What emotional stuff do we keep lying around us everyday? Look at the baggage we carry around from relationship to relationship? Then we have our own personal baggage as well to add to the list. Things we aren’t ready to talk about, things we aren’t ready to face. We hoard these things in our minds and hearts.

Today let’s examine the hoarders of emotions that we have in our life and let’s take it one step at a time to deal with it, if it means get professional help then let’s do it, if it means talking to someone else besides a counselor let’s do it, because in the end if we don’t deal with this we will destroy ourselves. It’s not worth it, the people who hoarders possessions became a prisoner to themselves and to their love ones.

Food4thought:  Most of us are buried alive and don’t even know it, the rest of us know it but refuse to deal with it.


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