April has Arrived~YEAH!!!!


Good morning all! Today is the first of April and I for one am so excited, the reason I am excited is because it’s time to plan many activities outdoors. I have been patiently waiting for this season.

Here are a few things that me and my husband do together outdoors.

  • Hiking
  • Nature Walks
  • picnics
  • Sight-seeing
  • photography
  • exercising out doors instead of being in the gym during those winter months
  • Strolling in the park, reading a book underneath a tree
  • Drinking coffee at my favorite Café house outside
  • weekend getaway trips


There truly is something to be said about being out doors with God and His Creation. To climb to the highest point of a mountain and look out as far as your eyes can see, what a blessing to know that God Himself created it and we can enjoy while appreciating it at the same time.

What do you look forward to do now that Spring has come? I look forward to you sharing with me. Don’t be bashful guys for I know you enjoy doing something.



5 thoughts on “April has Arrived~YEAH!!!!

  1. You’re so cute! Living in Florida, we’ve been having SPRING most of the past several months. One day we had winter and a few days so far we’ve had summer. But each day is a gift from God and I love reading your excitement about SPRING!!! Just so you know… at this exact moment (4:20 p.m. on April 1st, 2015) it is 82 degrees here. And that is NOT a joke. It took me 3 hours to mow the grass today!

    1. Wow. You must be enjoying yourself. Today it reached 71 here…Sis do you have allot of land to mow or was it a bit to hot and you needed a break? Glad you enjoyed the blog today.

      1. Sorry I just now am replying… I’ve been out of town. We have a bit of lawn to mow but it had kinda sorta become out of control these past months… my husband was diagnosed with cancer last May and he passed away on August 22nd. Other “things” were more important than mowing grass 😦

  2. I too enjoy the spring. For one, it gets warmer coming out of the cold winter months which makes it hard to do many things. Living in Texas; the weather is so unpredictable but l love it when it is in the 3 digits. In the spring, l love being outside working in the yard, going to the track walking, standing outside at night enjoying the peace and quiet, and also listening to the sound of the birds early in the morning. Overall, spring is a beautiful time because as things begin to come back to life that died in the winter; it gives a whole new meaning to human life helping you to see and hear God in the different ways that He speaks and reveals Himself.

    1. Wow. Sis you love those three digits temps. We get them here in Maryland usually in August and I can’t deal with it. I wait til evening to go outside. Thanks for sharing

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