Should Bad Behavior Be Rewared?

On this Saturday morning if you don’t mind “Let’s Talk” I want to share from my heart about something that has never made sense to me and I would really appreciate your feed-back.

Talk to God

In recent events that we all have seen in the news concerning those who are authority figures, have been put on Paid Administrative Leave,” now this is nothing new it’s been happening for some years but what has never made any sense to me is the “Paid” part of it. Why would you continue to give a person or persons their wages as he or she is being discipline?  Now rather the persons are guilty or not for what he or she has done on the job have to wait for the investigation to be done.

When those agencies reward a person with “Paid Administration Leave ‘what type of message are they sending? I truly don’t believe they are aware of what they are sending. The message I see is that they are condoning bad behavior. As a parent we teach our children when they do wrong they will be discipline.

No wonder some people do as they please without regards they have no remorse because they know that they will be rewarded for it. Bad behavior should NEVER be rewarded, and when it is what lesson does he or she really learn from what they have done? True they may not be on the job until the investigation is done but if nothing is taken from them then to me it’s like their on vacation. Is our society going into the direction of rewarding bad behavior?

Just my thought on this “what do you think? Talk back to me.


2 thoughts on “Should Bad Behavior Be Rewared?

  1. I can see both sides of it.

    I agree with your opinion whole heartedly. There is no reason a person should be paid if they broke their company guidelines (especially if they were handed an employee handbook or signed a contract), broke the law (to any extent), etc. That’s just like saying “Ok, well you did this wrong, you aren’t allowed to work, but we are going to continue to pay you for the work you aren’t doing.” That’s not right.

    But at the same time, coming from the business side; you are innocent until proven guilty. There are certain paths that a business has to legally take before they can cut the person off entirely. For example, it could be the blame game. Someone could have accused someone else of something just because they don’t get along, they are jealous of their position in the company, or any other reason of that nature. Now, if they disciplined the accused (when in fact they are innocent), that person could file a form of discrimination against the company.
    Until there is an investigation done, businesses are entitled to do what they have to do to protect their employees and protect themselves at the same time.

    As hard as it is (especially when you KNOW that they were in the wrong), we have to keep in mind that the business does have a route they have to follow in order for things to be done the ‘legal’ way.

    (Sorry for the long winded response, I just finished a course on situations like this and am excited to have actually learned something from it!)

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