Pain+Process= Progress

1 Timothy 4:15 says” Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.

What is Timothy telling us? The Scriptures should be read with care, and be industriously and laboriously searched into, as men dig in mines for silver or golden ore; and passages in it should be carefully compared together, the more obscure with those that are more plain and easy; and the whole is to be studied with great attention and application.

Give thyself wholly to the, to the reading of the scriptures, mediations upon them and preaching the doctrines contained in them, clear of al secular affairs, worldly business.


When you set your mind to do a thing and you don’t see the results what comes to your mind? Is the old saying “pain no gain” really a true statement? Let’s look at a few things first before we decide if it’s true.

  1. Nothing worth having comes easy
  2. One has to work at it diligently with moderation
  3. Don’t look for quick and easy ways to achieve it
  4. Keep prospective; see yourself reaching that goal
  5. Don’t become distracted; by people, things
  6. Pray that God keeps you “FOCUS”

Often times when a person has set their hearts on doing something they go into it with such zeal and within a few days or weeks they have lost the zeal that they first had. Reason being is because they neglected to do two simple things, one is they did not do inventory and second they never counted the cost.

Pain is essential in life I know it sounds strange but we can’t avoid pain in this life, it’s how we handle it will determine if we will gain the results we want. Life in itself is a process of events, then and only then are we able to see progress, from all our hard work.

So, to answer the question “no pain no gain;” yes it’s true.


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