Filling A Position

1 Timothy 3:2 says’ Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

Have you ever notice rather you’re in a group, school, job or an organization if there is an open position those who run it tends to place people in position who have no experienced what so ever?

introductionI say this because so often those in leadership will place a body to do a task knowing that they are not living a life above reproach.

When we look at the verse here it tells us those who are wanting to be considered for office must be men and woman of character and integrity.

But far to often when we have a need we don’t look for those words character and integrity, we just want to place a warm body in the chair so we don’t have any slots open.

And we think we’ve done that person justice when in reality all we really done was set him or her up for failure. When people live by their own code of ethics and have no regard for the things of God we must ask ourselves do we really want them in leadership? The answer is no, that person must be trained and the way they become trained is through the holy spirit. He’s the one who will change them from the inside out and we will see their fruits.

For example let’s say you host girl soccer team and you need another parent to be your assistant, because it’s getting tough on you to keep up with all the demands of being a coach. So what you do is approach one of the ladies to help you knowing that she is not faithful to coming to practices, her attitude is very bossy, she can’t even discipline her own child, but you want this lady to help all because the other women you asked said they can’t do it.

What do you really think will happen over a period of time? You’ve set this woman and the children who will be in her care up for failure, because she can’t discipline her own kids how will she discipline the girls on the soccer team? Before long they won’t listen to her and the woman will become frustrated, but is it really worth it in the end to place a body in a position who does not know how to handle their own affairs? I don’t think so.

That is what Timothy was telling the church here don’t get so eager to just place anyone in leadership so you can have all your slots filled. Because truth be told most of the people who are in some type of leadership probably got there because they either knew someone or they didn’t really care who step up to take the position as long as it was filled.

God takes excellent care of us everyday, He protects us and guide us, gives us love and comfort, don’t you think we should show Him the same when it comes to how we handle affairs in our lives? Let’s not half-step and set people up for failure because God will not approve of it if we do this. AMEN


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