Lord, Prepare us To Be A Sanctuary


Lord God thank you so much for another blessed day. Thank you for being God. My prayer is that we all open the eyes of our hearts Lord, that we might see where You are working. There are times when we your people set our eyes on things beneath the earth when we should have our eyes set on the things of heaven, like your beauty, righteousness and love. Help us when our eyes glance away from You.

In this life Lord we become so frustrated and dismay that we forget that You said that we lack nothing. But because of our selfish desires we see ourselves lacking in areas, so we tend to walk away from You. Father I ask that you forgive us for always thinking about ourselves and not thinking more about You Father.

In You is where we find our salvation, our faith and strengthen, if I had a thousand tongues I could never praise You enough! This day Lord let my heart worship You in all truth and Spirit, let not my flesh by glorified, but let my flesh yield and submit to Your ways. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN


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