Best For Last

On Sunday mornings I am always the first to get up early and prepare my spirit for service, before  my family arise and get ready for church as well.  I listen to my favorite radio station WHUR 96.3, this morning I heard this song which I am sharing with you for your devotion.

May this song ministers to you like it did to me. It reminded me that God always gives His Best and though at times we think that His best doesn’t come when we want it to come, He is constantly reminding us through His word. Maybe today you are faced with a mountain and maybe it seems that God is moving slow on your behalf I want to encourage and remind you that GOD’s Best is ALWAYS for YOU!


3 thoughts on “Best For Last

  1. I love the lyrics in this song.
    They remind me of the words taken from Haggai 2:9 and Job 8:7 – the latter will be greater

    Thank you for sharing, my sister.
    Have a wonderful week and may the Lord continue to bless you, indeed.

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