The things people do in the name of Religion

James 1:26 says” If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.

Delusional people who claim that they are doing the Lord’s Will in the name of Religion are deceiving themselves. We have seen through history and still to this day people doing evil and claiming the Lord told them to do it. Because these types of people are delusional they have misinterpreted the scriptures.

wondering from the faith1. God will NEVER tell you to kill, steal or harm a person

2. God will NEVER tell you to do something that gratifies the flesh. …

3. God will Never tell you to hate people

4. God will never tell us to do anything contrary to His word

And yet we have seen radicals who have used the Lord’s name to bring havoc and terror upon innocent people, all because they are delusional about God’s LOVE for Humanity.

What should be our response to this as Christians? We are to love them with a Godly Love and pray for their souls, because Jesus died for them as well. I know it’s hard to pray for those who have done such evil but what we can’t do is neglect the fact that we was once sinners as well and God sent His Son Jesus to give us Grace. Grace is unmerited favor which means God did not give us what we really deserved.

Like you and others we get tired of hearing people use our Lord’s name to do evil, if you don’t remember anything else always remember this GOD is LOVE and God will never tell a person or group of people to do evil. Evil comes from the enemy he is the one who brings havoc and ready to kill, steal and rob. Often times when people are not understood or feeling like no one cares about them to love them they look for someone to show an interest in them and they end up following delusional groups who are radicals of evil. This is why it is so important that when we talk to folks we should take time to express to them how much Jesus Christ loves them.

But sad enough we don’t because we don’t want to be bothered we think it’s someone else’s job when in fact it’s everyone’s job, that person just didn’t walk in your path for nothing it was planned by God and God wanted you to share the message of His Son’s Love.

Enjoy your weekend.


One thought on “The things people do in the name of Religion

  1. I am not a Christian but I agree with God being Love. I agree with people justifying evil act with Godly intentions. I also agree that it is up to us to be accountable for one another. “Because what’s wrong in our neighbor, will be wrong in our neighborhood.”

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