Does Man know How to Love? NO

Romans 5:8 says But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

If I took a poll and asked you what is the one thing that you need I would get many different answers, and yet the one thing we all need many dare to say what they need is “LOVE.”

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Rather we believe or know it everyone is searching for love, people are searching through date sites, going to community support groups, and even being introduced through mutual friends. Because that song that we all know so well, What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love, is so true.

Many have been in loved while some have been hurt by the ones who said that they loved them, others have lost love ones. But if we are truly honest with ourselves we need love, our bodies was created for love and to love others.

Society has a list of traits that they believe that one can know if they are really in love, magazines are full of stories telling you that for you to love a person it must be on a merit system.

When humans love we love with conditions don’t we? I know you won’t admit it but we do. We love base on what we can get, we love base on if you are in agreement with us. Our love in honesty is superficial that’s right, we don’t know how to love people. We throw that word around like a wet wash cloth.

Only Jesus can show man how to love, and until we learn to love like Jesus we will never know what real love is all about. For man will love you and I out of their merits I want you to know that Jesus loves you right where you are, HE loves you even in your mess and He will always love you no matter what.

If you can grasp ahold of this truth today then you are almost there to love others. Don’t you think it’s time we stop loving people out of own merits and start loving them the way Jesus loves you? AMEN


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