Ridiculous faith

1 Kings 19:14-21

Yesterday as I was reading my bible along with notes I saw where someone mentioned that Elisha was a man who had ridiculous faith in His God. Needless to say this caught my attention, and so I had to go back and re-read this chapter. Because what I saw that made me think about my very own faith in my Lord Jesus was; Is my commitment to God immediate, in the way that it shows the cost of following the Lord.  What securities in my life that I need to walk away from in order to walk towards my destiny?


Elisha’s faith was so ridiculous that the cost of following God was great, but the cost of not following Him was even greater. Elisha shows us in these verses that we must step toward our destiny and step away from your securities.

All day yesterday I kept pondering these things in my heart, because I too want to have that type of faith.  As a Christian my faith at times can sway, doesn’t mean that I don’t trust God for I sure do, but depending on what is or has happen to me it could look like the storm when the disciples was in the boat with Jesus and Jesus spoke to the winds and said peace be still and the winds became still and peace was on the waters.

As I share this with you today, my hearts desire is that you too take a look at your faith in Jesus and ask yourself, what Elisha is showing us. What securities in your life that you need to walk away from, and is your faith immediate?

Have a blessed day.



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