Admire Prophets of Old

We can run our fingers through the bible and pick a story to read, and find someone whose story that we can relate to. We say things like, why did he or she do that? Oh yes, we can question them.

self image

But today I want to ask you a serious question, if you can admire someone from the bible how come when it comes to you, you don’t see yourself like you see the person in the bible? I am the first to say that I admire many of the people whose faith was amazing, and I wish I had that level of faith or that level of confidence and strength.

The Lord showed me many years ago that I don’t have to admire people who have great faith, what I need to do is simple have faith and God will use what I already have to mature and strengthen me.

It’s so much like us as humans to admire others for what they can do when we can have the same thing if we would just stop looking at man and look to God. When it comes to the stories in the bible there are so many people who showed great faith, I look at the life of Paul a man whose background was about killing Christians, and yet he wrote 2/3 of the New Testament. Look at how his faith grew and yet we say we want to have that same type of faith; but what we neglect to realize is that we don’t want to go through anything. Paul went through allot after he became a disciple of Christ.

Our brothers and sisters that we communicate with we see them and we want to be like they are but did you give an account of what he or she had to endure? No, we didn’t but we want what they have.

Always remember your faith will never grow or mature if you don’t endure some stuff.


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