God always Speaks, even when we are on Vacation

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday to you. It has been about a week since I’ve written a devotional posting, the reason I haven’t posted anything is because me and my husband was on vacation.

We stayed at our time share in Massanutten, Virginia, Ski Resort, this place is not just for skiers they have hundreds of activities from Golfing, Hiking, Tennis, Horse-back-Riding, Rock-Climbing to several Water Parks.  This picture that is shown in the devotion comes from my camera, I took this photo when reached the top of the mountain. Looking out and seeing such beauty and knowing that Our God created it.

Massanutten ViewSo why do people go on vacations? There are many reasons as to why people go on vacations, they need a break, they need to relax and the list goes on an on. Most families go on a vacation once a year, some will have two vacations a year. It’s amazing what we can gleam from our vacations when our body, mind and spirit is at peace. What am I saying? Each morning before I started my day the first thing I always do is have my devotions with the Lord.

While on this particular morning the Lord shared something with me that I thought I was doing already, He told me that I need to pray for my husband but not the way I have been praying for him. He said that I need to cover him in prayer in every area. For a moment it took me by surprised because I thought I was doing that but turns out I wasn’t. I sat there on the edge of the bed, with my tablet in my hand when the Lord directed me to google Prayers for Husbands. The first site in which I googled I opened the link and soon as I read the first few words the Lord said this is the site, bookmark it. I shared this with my husband  what the Lord instructed me to do. As I prayed aloud to my husband what God has shown me, my husband reactions was a draw dropping, hubby said, that prayer ministers to his spirit.

I thank God that I was obedient because I had no idea the depth of what was needed. This vacation was great but it was also a spiritual awaking, for me because obviously I  needed to make a change in how I pray for my husband. I believe God wanted to grow me in my prayer. We as saints do have a tendency to stick with what we think works, when God is wanting us to come up to the next level.

Vacations are great we all need time away, but remember while you are on vacation leave room for God too.



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