You can do Hard Things

Philippians 4:13 says” I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. 

From the experiences which Paul had in these various circumstances of life, he comes here to the general conclusion that he could “do all things.” 

th81O67SMPPaul had abundant experience; and now his whole reliance was there. It was not in any native ability which he had; not in any vigor of body or of mind; not in any power which there was in his own resolutions; it was in the strength that he derived from the Redeemer.

We don’t have to sink under any trial, that we need not yield to temptation. We know this to be true and yet we don’t want to do what is hard. Did you know that you can do what is hard? Why do we want to do what is easy? Doing what is easy is not living folks, you must grow. Imagine if you never taught your child how to walk, if you never taught your child to speak? That child would grow older and be dependent on other people to carry them all the time. If you child never talked how would they communicate?

No good parent would subject their child to such conditions, for that would be child abuse. Now if you wouldn’t abuse your child then why are you abusing yourself by not doing what is hard? Anything we have never done we call it hard because we haven’t tried it. As a Christian you can do anything, remember that, for your strength is not in yourself in is in knowing that you don’t do it alone, Jesus is right by our side giving you the strength you need to get it done.

Maybe there is a new adventure you want to do but you have been scared because it’s hard venturing out to open a business. Step out and start that business, God will give you the strength to do it.

Maybe you are wanting to go back to school but juggling home and kids, and school is just too much for you. Remember you don’t do it alone. Go back to school for Jesus will give you the strength you need.


When you shy away from hard things you are really depriving yourself. I know for me one of the things I thought was hard was heights. For years I never went on anything that was high. But on my vacation I faced my fear, I went rock-climbing. I found out that I had no need to be afraid because Jesus was right along my side as I climbed that rock. When I was done climbing it I had of feeling of accomplishment because I had no idea what I was missing . Now when the fair comes to town in September I can get on those rides that I admired from afar.


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