Keynotes: Can you hear the sounds?

Proverbs 12:18 says” There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

All around us we hear all types of noises. We even hear them when we go to our quite place. Now who would have thought that when we go to our place of serenity that we still hear the noise. The reason is because it’s still in our minds, those sounds are constantly replaying what we’ve heard around us.

19693_10206935397442552_4571863422165965055_nIn today’s society it seems as though everyone has something to say. Some of what people say is negative and it won’t do nothing for us. We also have those who know exactly what to say that will lift us. We all need the truth, everyone searches for truth but the truth is this; are the people who are speaking to us, are they just simply speaking NOISE? I was guilty of letting other peoples noise speak in my life. And what a mess that turned out to be.

I had to stop listening to everyone and started asking the Holy Spirit to help me to discern who was really speaking truth to me and who wasn’t. You and I have to filter out the trash of what others have to say so that we will know the truth, for not everyone who has something to say is wanting to be a person of truth.

So I ask you today, Are you listening to the music or are  you listening to the NOISE?


2 thoughts on “Keynotes: Can you hear the sounds?

  1. Thank you for sharing discernment with the Holy Spirit. I do it much better in the quiet time in my life but amidst the noise, it is much more of a challenge.

    1. Amen. Mike it’s the Holy Spirit that helps us to discern, we can’t live without Him. Thank you for commenting and stopping by. Have a bless day today.

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