Our Kids “back to school

For many kids around the world Monday is the first day back to school, for others they won’t go back until Labor Day. But when ever the day is for our kids to go back to school we need to remember to pray for them daily.

Our kids are faced with so many things that you and I never had to experience when we were in school. They are faced with bullying, harassment, teased, emotions, fear, and etc.


Pray that no child take the life of another student, pray for godly wisdom among the teachers and staff. Many kids don’t ride school bus their parents take them then you have those who are called “walkers” pray for their protection as well.

Pray that motorist will see them and that when the kids get on and off the school-bus that motorist will obey the blinking lights on the bus. Sadly enough not many motorist are obeying the flashing lights and this puts our kids in danger.

Parents pray over your children each morning before they even leave the house, make it a habit of doing this, if time is an issue then as they are getting ready make sure you pray while making their lunches. You might think it’s not important but it’s so vital.

When I had my daughter I was a single parent and I made it a habit of praying for her everyday, there were days that we didn’t pray together because of time but I never let her leave that house until I had prayed for her. I prayed specifics.

  • Protection where every she goes
  • Students would like her
  • Teachers and Staff would be a helper in helping her with her studies
  • That my daughter would retain all that she learned, so she will do exceeding great in class.
  • Prayed that she would not be bullied and that no harm would come to her.

During those years they had “Meet At The Pole” which is a group of Christian Students along with a Youth Pastor who would pray with all the kids, praying for the faculty and students.

Times have changed so much and our kids are faced with some very extreme environment these days, this is why it’s so vital that we pray for our children not just ours but every child in school. AMEN








2 thoughts on “Our Kids “back to school

  1. I agree that praying over our children is very important but admit that I haven’t done a good job of doing so with my son. He’s 17 now, soon to be 18 and attending our local community college. My goal is to make sure and pray over him in specifics; our children need to be covered and I will share your words with other parents. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Thank you Gale. It’s never too late to pray over them before they go out the door for school. Our children surely does need to be covered with prayer. For they are faced with more then what you and I faced when in school.

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