It’s that Inner Peace, we all need

Isaiah 26:3 says” You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

In our world today seems like so much confusion is going on. Around the world we hear of terrible events, within our back yards we hear of horrifying threats and even in our homes where we are to have peace many homes are full of chaos.

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So, what are people really wanting in all this chaos? It’s Peace that they desire. But how does one obtain peace, because surely it can not be brought, all though many have tried and failed terrible at it miserable. 

Some have even relocated thinking that it will bring them peace if they run away from it all. True peace comes from the Lord Jesus, He is the only one that can bring peace.

But not only does He brings peace to our lives but He also give us peace from within, and this is what we all need, it’s that inner peace. We have folks who are wrestling with demons, from depression, anxiety, mental-health, lusting, robbing and stealing etc. They hear voices in their minds telling them all kinds of crazy things.

What ever it is that you are wrestling with rather it be on the job in your home just know that until you come to Jesus and ask Him to give you His peace you will never be able to live in peace. When you have God’s peace you can be around chaos and it wont’ effect you because you rest in God’s peace, AMEN


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